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Taking everyone fairly by surprise, it seems that we have a fresh Vision Gran Turismo car for Gran Turismo Sport. The venue for this strange unveiling was an event entirely… Read More »

The wraps have been taken off the latest Vision GT car, boasting six hundred hp and the input of a world champ.

We’ve got a significantly less clear view of the entire car set to debut at Geneva next month.

The Italian design house has a VGT project set to be unveiled in Switzerland next month. proceeds to bring direct-audio, off-screen footage of GT Sport. This time, it’s a replay.

Polyphony Digital will proceed to cultivate the unique Vision Gran Turismo project on PS4 and GT Sport.

Aston Martin has announced a partnership with Crimson Bull that will result in a true hypercar for the brand. But have both companies already hinted at what’s to come?

French luxury timepiece brand Bell & Ross are preparing to expose their newest product — and it isn’t a observe.

The “Vision Gran Turismo” program is recognized for its contributions to the automotive industry at the Japan Car Awards Ceremony.

Fresh 5-pack of diecast models includes cars already spotted in GT Sport, as well as something fresh to the series…

GT6’s newest update is one of the smallest yet, but could possibly hint at future improvements.

Nissan fuels speculation their Vision GT concept is actually an early teaser of the next GT-R.

Its future was in doubt, but not any more – the Bertone Vision Gran Turismo car will never see the light of day.

SRT Product Manager Mike Shinedling goes in-depth with the technology and design process behind the company’s radical Vision GT car.

The latest update for GT6 is now available, and brings with it one of the most radical Vision GT project cars yet.

The Mazda Vision GT concept car takes center stage at one of the world’s most prestigious automotive events.

See the very first gameplay movie of the latest, craziest Vision GT concept car from SRT.

SRT details “the sportscar of 2035”, the Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo concept car special to Gran Turismo.

See gameplay movie of one of the newest cars in GT6 – the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

The latest update for Gran Turismo six brings two very anticipated cars.

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