Top ten green cars to see in 2015, Next Green Car

Top ten green cars to see in 2015, Next Green Car

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Next Green Car looks ahead to the greenest and most innovative cars due for launch in 2015.

The year two thousand fifteen will see the strengthening of the market for electrified vehicles (EVs); both unspoiled electrical and plug-in hybrids. With over 17,000 EVs already on UK roads, Next Green Car forecasts almost 40,000 will be in use by the end of the year.

Fresh low emission petrol and diesel models will also be launched in two thousand fifteen with a shift to petrol cars reflecting the enlargening concern about air quality. While diesel vehicles can suggest lower CO2 emissions, petrol units provide lower NOx and particulates which are associated with poor respiratory health in urban areas. Look out for fuel-frugal petrol two- and three-cylinder turbo engines which can now suggest the driving spectacle of larger engines.

As noted by Dr Ben Lane, Managing Editor of Next Green Car: “2015 will see a continuing roll out of battery electrified and plug-in hybrid models as UK motorists become more acquainted to electrified drive-trains. This year will be the year when EVs begin to considered as ‘normal’.

“If an electrical car isn’t right for your driving requirements, an ever enlargening choice of sub-100 gCO2/km petrol and diesel models will become available with zero car tax and high MPG. You will need to choose a conventional model wisely, however, as the official MPG figures of some brands are increasingly at odds with the real-world fuel economy data.”

To mark a year which will bring high quality, high-tech, low emission models to UK showrooms, the following ‘Top Ten’ list highlights some of the most significant models due for launch and delivery in 2015.

1: Volkswagen twin-up! – Plug-in Hybrid – CO2: twenty seven g/km

The twin-up!’s 55kW powertrain consists of a 0.8 litre TDI diesel engine working in conjunction with a 35kW electrical motor. The energy storage system includes a lithium-ion battery (energy capacity: 8.6 kWh), a conventional 12V battery for on-board electrics, and a thirty three litre capacity fuel tank. On the official test cycle, the twin-up! supplies a combined fuel economy of over two hundred fifty MPG with a CO2 emissions of just twenty seven g/km. In zero-emission operation the PHEV can cover a range of thirty one miles and is anything but a slouch: the twin-up! accelerates up to sixty two mph in 15.7 seconds and has an all-electric top speed of eighty mph. Pricing to be announced.

Two: Brainy fortwo 1.0 embark/stop – Petrol – CO2: ninety three g/km – NGC: 26

The fresh fortwo will be available with seventy one hp and ninety hp turbo power units and twinned with a fresh five-speed manual gearbox for the very first time. The seventy one hp engine comes back 68.9 MPG on the official combined cycle, emitting just ninety three g/km of CO2 with a top speed of ninety four mph. At just Two.Sixty-nine metres long, the compact dimensions of the fortwo are well known and do not disappoint. With a benchmark turning circle of 6.95 metres, the fresh fortwo is even more suited for city driving, out-turning even a London Cab. On the inwards driver and passenger alike benefit from the fact that fortwo boasts the most interior space in relation to the size of any car in the segment. Priced from £11,125.

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