Touch the Truck

Touch the Truck

Touch the Truck

Touch the Truck was a British Channel five stamina gameshow which aired in 2001. It was hosted by Dale Winton [1] and involved a group of twenty contestants holding onto a stationary truck. The last person left touching the truck won it.

The showcase was filmed at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock, Essex.

Jerry Middleton, 39, from Winchester, Hampshire, was the winner who managed to stay awake touching the vehicle for eighty one hours forty three minutes and thirty one seconds. He stated that he was going to sell the vehicle to fund a political party. [Two] Middleton stood at the two thousand one General Election in the Kingston and Surbiton constituency, but gained only fifty four votes of a turnout of 49,093. [Trio]


According to the rules [1] of the competition, disqualification occurred when:

  • a contestant overran violates which were ten minutes every two hours, and fifteen minutes every six hours,
  • a contestant eliminated both mitts from the truck, or
  • a contestant fell asleep.

Contestants could also be drug tested to ensure fairness.

The format was devised by Glenn Barden and Dave Hills and is possessed by Vashca. It has been subsequently licensed to the Philippines, Indonesia, Portugal and Turkey. [Four]

The one thousand nine hundred sixty nine Sydney Pollack movie They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? starring Jane Fonda features a marathon dance where the eventually desperate participants must stay awake to win a prize. The film is based on a one thousand nine hundred thirty five novel by the same name written by Horace McCoy with the dance marathon taking place during the Excellent Depression.

The documentary Mitts on a Hardbody tells the story of a almost identical one thousand nine hundred ninety five stamina contest in Longview, Texas. The contest was once an annual fixture in Longview, and the British newspaper The Sunday Times reported on the record-breaking 125-hour event held in September 2000. [Five]

A one thousand nine hundred ninety eight Boy Meets World gig called “The Eskimo” features a similar contest that the main characters participate in to win tickets to the Super Cup.

A two thousand one movie, The Safety of Objects, recounts what seems to be exactly a “Touch the Truck” demonstrate – which even relates to the plot. The film chronicles a mother’s mental voyage from the losing of his firstborn son to coma till the detachment from him ending in his grace killing [ clarification needed ] . And the demonstrate connects to this as the sleep withdrawn, delirious mother realizes that she’d still have her son if they hadn’t had a car – and abruptly leaves hold of the truck.

A two thousand one fourth season gig of the TV showcase That ’70s Showcase, “Hyde Gets the Woman”, featured a radio contest that Kelso, Bob and a ringer named Daniel (guest starlet French Stewart) entered, where they have to keep one arm on a van until the last person left touching it won.

A two thousand five gig [ which? ] of the TV demonstrate My Name is Earl, Randy, Catalina and Earl take part in a contest for a local radio station where they have to keep touching a car until the last person left touching wins it.

A two thousand six scene of the TV display “Malcolm in the Middle”, features Hal and Lois injecting a contest to keep their mitt on a truck, in which the last one touching it wins the truck. [6]

A version of the contest was also featured in the Season five scene [ which? ] of the TV Display Las Vegas in 2007. The holder and security of Montecito casino stumble upon a pair twin damsels who attempt to game the system by switching during the break so as to maximize their chances.

Such competitions have occurred as a way of raising money for charity. In 2007, University of Bristol did a similar competition as part of charitable RAG week (Raise and Give) where the winner gained an old BMW, and in two thousand nine Leeds University held a similar event for RAG where the winner won an old Ford Fiesta. [7]

Also in 2007, an scene of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia shows the gang almost losing the bar after Charlie accidentally puts Paddy’s Pub up for 1st prize in a marathon dance competition, Frank makes the gang participate in the contest. [8]

A two thousand seven gig of Zoey one hundred one features characters attempting to win a prize in the gig “Palms on a Blix Van” [9]

In gig eight of the fourth season of the TV showcase Psych, Henry comes in a contest for a fresh pick-up truck. Shawn helps him assess the competition while they attempt to keep their palms on the truck. The last one touching the truck gets to keep it.

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