Hyundai AE Hybrid Car Spied In Korea

Hyundai AE Hybrid Car Spied In Korea

Hyundai AE Hybrid Car Spied In Korea

Hyundai and Kia have been hard at work developing their very-first dedicated hybrid cars lately (set to be unveiled next early year).

While Kia has already released some official details and teaser pics of their dedicated hybrid vehicle, called Niro, Hyundai has yet to do the same.

Very first caught on camera back in early 2015, the carmaker’s Prius-fighter is slated for a two thousand sixteen debut with sales set to commence shortly after.

One of the Hyundai AE prototypes has recently been captured in Korea.

This time, the near-production prototype was scooped parked in a garage with our spy getting close enough to nab some truly good shots.

These are the latest spy shots:

What we know about two thousand sixteen Hyundai AE

The vehicle is rumored to make its official debut in January next year, while sales are scheduled to commence in March 2016.

According to sources close to Hyundai Motor Company, the AE hybrid may be called Ioniq, but that has yet to be officially confirmed.

What’s truly sensational to the upcoming Hyundai hybrid is that it is going to become the world’s very first green car to suggest three different low emission / zero emission drivetrains.

Hyundai AE hybrid, plug-in hybrid, all-electric

The very first model to go on sale will be the hybrid car, as seen here.

A plug-in hybrid model will be launched toughly one year later (in 2017).

Following the two will be the third variant (and this is sensational news!), an all-electric, zero emission Hyundai AE (Ioniq) model!

More details about the upcoming AE EV will be released during the two thousand sixteen International Electrified Vehicle Expo (to be held in March next year on the island of Jeju!)

Hybrid drivetrain specs

The more conventionally powered AE hybrid will be fitted with Hyundai’s 1,6L Kappa gasoline engine, mated to an electrified motor, and a 6-speed automatic transmission (developed exclusively for use in hybrid cars).

The internal combustion engine boasts one hundred fifty six horsepower, while total power, with a 9.8 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery and a 50-kilowatt electrified motor, is no less than two hundred five horsepower.

Expect CO2 rating of less than ninety grams per kilometer.

Hyundai’s sister hard Kia will also use the same hybrid drivetrain setup in their Niro hybrid crossover. (photos: bobaedream)

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